From large scale sculptural installations in both urban and natural environments, to smaller scale bronze structures, A.C. Mim's three-dimensional artworks are evidence of her visual exploration of forms found in both science and nature. In her near 40 year career the artist has experimented with a variety of technologically innovative materials and processes to realize her fascination with the dynamics of form. These explorations are reflected in the works on this site, dating as far back as 1975. The work of Adrienne C. Mim has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the country, as well as being displayed in a number of prestigious public art venues. Her work has been reviewed by a number of publications including the New York Times and The Village Voice, and she was interviewed in Alex Russo's 1985 book, "Profile on Women Artists".

           Garden Gate III, 1995                                                                                                             Photo by Tim Lee
           Cast bronze and steel

"One of the most successful pieces is Adrienne Mim's undulating aluminum gates, based on her recent experiments with castings from netting used in the fishing industry." - Phyllis Braff, The New York Times, January 12, 1992

The artist her East Hampton studio, Edible East End, Fall 2009, Photo by Lindsay Morris (click for link to article)